“When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead.”

Mufti Muhamamd Munir Uz Zaman Chishti, Founder

Mufti Saab currently leads the Friday prayer and presents a weekly Khutba.

He also has a weekly session for those who need assistance / advice / clarification on any Islamic / family matter. He is available every Sunday 11am – 1pm.

He also has a weekly Question & Answer show on Crescent Community Radio which is broadcast on 97.0fm in Rochdale every Sunday 2pm-5pm. More information about his show and how to contact him for a question is available at the radio’s website: www.crescentradio.net.

Recently Mufti Saab has started a charity to help the needy across the world. The current project he is working on is building/running a Maternity Hospital in a very remote area of Kashmir.

More information the project and way to volunteer is available here: www.crescentaid.org

Mufti Muhamamd Munir Uz Zaman Chishti