Light of Islam Academy courses.

Here at the Academy we offer a wide range of courses to suit all needs.
And many more to come soon Inshallah!

  • 2 year Islamic knowledge course
  • 1 year Principles of Islamic Sciences Courses
  • Monthly lectures with Shaykh Haroon Hanief
  • 3 month course with Shaykh Saad

Perfect and Increase your Knowledge in the deen.

At the Light of Islam Academy we help you to perfect and increase your deen. We help with your tajweed, Salah and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Heavens Keys

The Heavens Keys course is a new initiative.

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Arabic Through The Qur’an

The language of the Qur’an… language of the Beloved (saw).

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Principles of Islamic Sciences

Studying the principals of Islamic sciences.

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Quranic Studies

Familiarise yourselves with the basic structures of Classical Arabic.

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Saturday Night Lockdown

A Weekly Majlis of Talks, Zikr, Open Q&As.

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