Camp Noor 2017

Camp Noor is on again this summer for a second year running. This year we have decided to run it as a day camp on Saturday 12th August Insha Allah, and it promises to be every bit as enjoyable and exciting as last year. It is a great time for children to explore the beautiful natural surrounds of Ashworth Valley and have fun with the structured activities supervised by our talented and caring staff.

Some of the activities we have planned are Soft Archery, Orienteering challenge.

At Camp Noor we will be far removed from our day-to-day routines and all other distractions and NO technology meaning no music players, no mobile phones, no TV and no video games.  This will allow us to focus on the real purpose of life. The goal of this camp is to provide our children with an increased spirituality and the proper tools to help them maintain it.

InshaAllah Camp Noor will provide a way for every child to help his or her mind, body and spirit grow while making friends and creating life-long memories this summer.

Apply for your place now before its too late.

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