The Children’s Academy

The Academy is a unique aspect of Jamia Masjid Chashtiah. The Principal of the Academy is Maulana Shabbir Sialvi.

We run daily classes for children aged 5-16 from 5-7pm.

Atfaal Creche

The Atfaal Creche is catered specifically for young children who are just beginning their Islamic Education.

We have created a special environment for the children whereby their classes are split into 4 sections in order for them to enjoy thier experience as much as possible. Each class rotates every half an hour.

Class 1: Qur’an Recitation

Class 2: Islamic Studies

Class 3: Qur’an / Surah Memorisation

Class 4: Play

Contact: Nazira Begum


The main school is located in the masjid building with classes for both girls and boys aged 7 to 16.

Contact: Suhaib Rizwan Chishti



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