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High standards and traditional values are at the heart of our work at the academy.

In order to continue to teach the traditional sciences, with a heart felt appeal we request to all our brothers and sisters to support us in this noble mission to provide the Muslims in the UK with much needed resources.

We offer a number of easy ways you are can to make a donation. Details of these different methods are all outlined below:

Donation Boxes

Sponsor an event/talk

This is an excellent opportunity to pay for the costs associated in delivering a public event/talk or workshop, whereby students benefit from learning the traditional knowledge.

Please note according to prophetic traditions facilitating or helping students to gain knowledge is a charity that benefits one in the hereafter. If you would like to help with the cost please e –mail us at

Sponsor an article/translation of traditional text

This is an innovative opportunity to make a substantial difference in the revival of the traditional sciences. With the grace of Allah we have affiliations with students in the Middle East, who are willing to translate traditional Arabic texts.

Moreover this is excellent manner which students/scholars can gain much needed employment often in testing times of their lives.

If you would like to donate towards translating traditional texts then please e-mail us at info@lightofislamacademy for further details.

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